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Tech Tip: Romeo Is Leaking

Some vehicles equipped with the Romeo-built 4.6L 2V engine may exhibit an engine oil leak or oil weepage from the cylinder head gasket at the right-hand rear or the left-hand front of the engine

Under the Hood: Five Generations of Duramax Diagnostics

The Duramax diesel brought GM back as a major player to the mid-size truck market by offering dependability, fuel mileage and quiet operation with plenty of power, says contributor Bob McDonald. While these engines have a great reputation, some problems are bound to arise.

Featured Vehicle — Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S is named 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year — the first time an electric car wins the title in the award’s 64-year history. The Tesla’s ultra-quiet electric powertrain delivers the driving characteristics and packaging solutions that make the Model S stand out against many of its internal combustion engine peers. The

Finish Line: Team MOTIVE GEAR Takes Win at Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge

Listed as Team MOTIVE GEAR, the Loara High School student team beat out 12 other teams in the 4th Annual “Showdown at SEMA.”

CPTC Scales To New Heights

Clover Park Technical College Crowned Automotive School of the Year

In Need of a ‘Diagnostic’ Assistant?

Wells Vehicle Electronics’ new “Virtual Tech” diagnostic assistant utilizes short videos and a series of “decision tree” prompts to guide the user through each step in diagnosing a wide range of driveability challenges.

Tech Tip: Tackling Engine Grime

GUNK engine cleaning system is an effective way to remove dirt deposits and prolong the lives of vehicles that young technicians work on.

Crossword Puzzle: November 2012

Across 1. Minimum-tread-depth indicator (4,3) 5. Cylinder-covering castings 8. Space ____, a.k.a. mini spare 9. Torque-converter component 10. Right on road map 11. Engine lubricant (5,3) 13. MacPherson’s suspension inventions 14. Build-it-yourself vehicle (3,3) 18. Car painter’s weapon (5,3) 20. Component, briefly 22. Engine-incontinence inhibitor (3,4) 23. Body-shop tool, ____ grinder 24. Body ____, e.g.