February, 2009 Archives - Tomorrows Technician
Tool Rules: Sniffing Out Engine Problems

Many technicians think an emissions analyzer is only useful for troubleshooting emission faults or for verifying a vehicle is in emissions compliance (not polluting). Truth is, an emissions analyzer is a great tool for diagnosing a wide variety of engine performance problems, even coolant leaks due to a blown head gasket.

Tire Talk: Turning Stock to Rock

Bolt-on Lift/Lower Kits Simplify Installation

Undercover Take II: Becoming Unbalanced

Tricks and Tips to Help You Handle Common Ride Complaints

Undercover: Suspension Upgrades for the Sport Compacts

Unfortunately, too many hot-rod sport compacts don’t have enough suspension upgrades to handle their muscle-car horsepower. Import specialist shops may be asked, on an increasing basis, to align, modify or fine-tune increasingly elaborate suspension systems.

YAWA: You Asked, We Answered

This month, we answer some of your questions on water pumps.

Service Advisor: Impacting Consumer Oil Change Habits

Is it a good idea for you to try and save your future customers 50% or more on their oil change services?

Bodyworks: Working on Hybrids: a Body Shop Primer

Hybrids account for only 1% of all U.S. light-vehicle sales, which actually presents a dilemma for shops: Because hybrids aren’t all that common (yet), shops aren’t as familiar with the potential hazards as they should be.

Under the Hood: Cutting Back on Carbs?

Performance Carburetors Continue to ‘Stick’ Around

Report Card: Fueling Careers in High Performance

Students attending the Ohio Technical College’s (OTC) High Performance and Racing program highlight the cover from the February 2009 issue.

TT February ’09 Pop Quiz: Chassis System

Choose the answer that best completes the following statements or questions.

Real World: Vehicle Electronics Revolution Becomes a Reality for Washington Automotive Students

Delphi awards service tools to “Pop Quiz” winners in Walla Walla, WA.

Crossword Puzzle: February 2009

Across 1. Piston’s lower section 4. Palindromic vehicle (4,3) 8. Engine-incontinence inhibitor (3,4) 9. Enlarged a cylinder’s diameter 10. Roof with removable, full-width panel 11. Carburetor valve type 13. Valvetrain component 15. Auto-repair facility 18. Briefly, twist-off cooling-system component (3,3) 20. Item found under distributor cap 23. Quick-start fluids’ volatile ingredient 24. Nationality of Lamborghini