February, 2010 Archives - Tomorrows Technician
Bodyworks: Power with Plasma

The plasma cutter may be mysterious to many, but its functions
are undeniable, especially when it comes to cutting heat-treated alloys like boron steel.

Report Card: Pursuing Performance

Tyler Saunders turns his passion toward tuners.

Crossword Puzzle: February 2010

Across 1. Certain engine seals 5. Air intake on engine hood 8. New-car-deal factor, frequently 9. Flexible driveshaft components (1,6) 10. Key-activated engine adjunct 11. Brake booster, in other words 12. Wiper- and HVAC-system components 14. Structures in non-unibody cars 17. Retread synonym 19. With 20-Down, windshield crack-repair substance 22. Rust, in other words 23.

Real World: Boosting Your Career with Turbocharger Service

One of the most common causes of poor turbo performance is bad shaft bearings, which often results in rubbing or binding between the compressor and turbine wheels and their housings.

Under the Hood: Gearing Up for Timing Chain and Belt Work

Timing belts and chains carry a heavy load. They have to turn the cam with enough force to overcome the resistance of all the valve springs. However, the main cause of belt wear is heat. As a belt wraps around and turns the sprockets, friction creates heat (this is in addition to the heat from the engine itself). Over time, this causes the rubber to lose flexibility, harden and crack.

UnderCover: Knowing Nivomats: Dissecting A Load Sensing Shock

The Nivomat system does more than just level the vehicle under load. As the load increases, the pressure inside the shock increases as oil is displaced from the reservoir to the inside of the unit, compressing the gas volume. This creates a progressive increase in spring rate and damping with little or no change to ride frequency.

Tool Rules: Time to Look into Special Timing Belt/Chain Tools

Many engines require special tools when changing a timing belt or chain. At the very least, you should have a belt tension gauge to make sure the tension on a timing belt is correct.

Service Advisor: Become a Master of Master Cylinder Service

Unfortunately, master cylinders are often not inspected or replaced when the service brakes are replaced.

Service Advisor: Found a Faulty Fuel Pump?

Tips for solving Electrical Fuel Pump Issues