March, 2012 Archives - Tomorrows Technician
Undercover: Putting the Issue of Brake Noise to Bed

The key to stopping brake noise is to do the brake job right the first time.

Service Advisor: Tips on Solving Alternator Failure Issues

Catastrophic failures are usually due to an alternator malfunction, but can also be caused by a faulty drive belt or blown fuse.

Under the Hood: Feeling the Pressure

Solving Fuel System-Related Issues

Component Connection: Emission Control — O2 Sensor Diagnostics

In recent years, the design of O2 sensors has changed. The ceramic thimble-shaped element in zirconia-type O2 sensors has been replaced by a flat strip ceramic “planar-”style sensor element.

Report Card: Code Red — Chevy’s Code 130R Concept

Painted in an all-new red metallic paint with matte anodized gold wheels, Code 130R features heritage performance-inspired styling and rear-wheel drive.

Finish Line: Hosting a Car Care Inspection Event at Your School

An event at your school could be used as a fund-raiser, as donations from vehicle owners who participate in the vehicle inspection process can be used for automotive lab and classroom equipment.

Finish Line: OTC Students ‘Ship Out’ Suzuki Marine Vehicle

“Does it float?” isn’t a typical question most project vehicle builders get when their creations debut for the first time.  Then again, the Suzuki Marine Vehicle created by Cleveland-based Ohio Technical College (OTC) isn’t your typical custom car. The project began in the summer of 2011 when American Suzuki Motor Corporation was in search of

Crossword Puzzle: March 2012

Across 1. Disc-brake-job parts (6,3,4) 8. Term for dash-gauge grouping 9. State with potato-promoting plates 10. "Hey Little ____" Rip Chords song 11. Engine-lube reservoirs (3,4) 12. Old-car sound, sometimes 14. Sends car to salvage yard 18. Term for shuddering clutch action 20. Uneven carburetion term 22. Serpentine-belt predecessor (1,4) 23. Trunk-jack type, often 24.