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Badge of Honor – Ethics

Those technicians who hold ASE Certification know what a sense of accomplishment it is to pass their first test. That sense of accomplishment carries through as you grow in your career and achieve Master Technician status. Some go on to master the specialty series and pass the more difficult L-series, but every ASE-Certified technician shares

Tech in Training

‘Current Events’ Electrical System Fundamentals Electrical principles, like voltage, amperage and resistance, can be described as cars passing along the roadway. Voltage would be the vehicles speed, amperage would be the number of vehicles on the road at the same time, and resistance would be the potholes in the roads surface. Basically, electricity is a

Tire Talk – Lateral Stiffness – Tire Belt Packaging

Adapted from Steve LaFerres article in Tire Review

Living Under The Hood – Fixing Fuel System Foul-Ups

Adapted from Gary Gom’s article in Underhood Service