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Living Under The Hood – Keeping Cooling Systems in Check

Adapted from Gary Goms’ article in Underhood Service

Real World – Top Tech Students Battle Bugged Mustangs To Determine Ford/AAA Auto Skills Champs

Dearborn, MI In late June, 50 two-person student teams from across the country competed against each other, and against the clock, to accurately diagnose and fix vehicles in the 2006 Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills National Finals. The competition took place June 27 in Dearborn, MI Henry Fords hometown. Two aspiring techs, Bradley Bolton and Aaron

Badge of Honor – Getting Hired

Getting Hired Whenever I find myself addressing a group of automotive students, one of the questions thats always asked is What are employers looking for in an automotive professional? Its a good question, and the answer involves a lot of common sense. Its never too early to start thinking about that first job. Being properly

Tire Talk – Taking It To The Streets

Adapted from Steve LaFerre’s article in Tire Review

Tech In Training – Monitoring Emission Efficiency with O2 Sensors

As modern OBD II technology marches on, its clear that the zirconia-based oxygen sensor now is being sold more as a basic repair part than as a preventive maintenance part, and it changes the way technicians diagnose and sell oxygen sensors. To illustrate the difference, understand that an oxygen sensor replacement used to be considered

Living Under The Hood – Making An Educated Decision On Seat Selection

Adapted from Larry Carley’s article in Engine Builder

Real World- Take Me Out! – Test Drive Pointers For Technicians

Adapted from Andrew Markel’s Articles in Brake & Front End

Body Works – The Skinny on Door Skinning Without Using Filler

Adapted from Mike West’s article in BopdyShop Business

Report Card: Preparing to Enter the Service Repair Industry

If you are about to graduate from an automotive training program, you will be entering a field in which employers are always searching for smart, honest, hardworking technicians who are willing to learn and be a part of a team. Even if you have one or two more years left before you graduate, its not

Learning Align Honing from Joe the Pro

Adapted from Doc Frohmaders article in Engine Builder

Badge of Honor – Automotive Service Professionals Week

One of the most typical comments I get from automotive technicians and others in the industry is that the general public just doesnt appreciate the value we provide. To a large degree, thats very true, but it probably has more to do with the general lack of understanding of modern vehicle technology by that same