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Undercover: Getting Adjusted — Servicing Brake Self-Adjuster Systems on Classic Vehicles

While the combination of using front disc brakes with rear drum brakes on vehicles had its origins beginning in the 1970s, there are still quite a few of these old braking systems on the road that you might service, especially if you have customers who are classic car buffs. In this article, we’ll take a look at why this brake design was developed, and what to look for when servicing vehicle models from the 20th century.

Undercover: Check It Out – Making Drum Brake System Inspections

Though it isn’t required, many brake experts recommend replacing the drum hardware when the brakes are relined to restore the brakes to like-new condition. But often the hardware isn’t replaced because it doesn’t seem necessary.

Under the Hood: Short on Time – Compact Engine Timing Belt Service

As a rule, General Motors uses timing chains rather than timing belts on most of its engines. Timing chains are long-lived and reliable, and do not have a recommended replacement interval. But, not so with timing belts. One GM engine that does use a rubber timing belt is the 1.6L E-TECH II engine in the 2004 and up Chevrolet Aveo. We take a look at timing belt procedures for this and similar compact engines.

Reader’s Rides: High Marks for a High School Grad Project

Brad Miller, who attends automotive technology and business management programs at Pennsylvania College of Technology, Williamsport, PA, sent us these photos and a restoration diary recap

The Real World: Coordinating a Collection of Memories

Tabetha Salsbury, 20, from Pueblo, CO, is a senior at McPherson College where she is majoring in automotive restoration and communications. She recently completed an eight-week internship with The Glenmoor Gathering of Significant Automobiles—a concours d’elegance car show in Canton, OH. Read how Tabetha’s experiences became more than just an internship — but rather eight weeks of life-long memories.

Report Card: Special Announcements for 2008

Special End of the Year Announcements from Editor Ed Sunkin

TT November 08 Pop Quiz: Electrical Sensors

Choose the answers that BEST fit the following questions or statements.
Note: Scroll down for the answers to the Pop Quiz questions.

Crossword Puzzle: November 2008

Across 1. Engine-block material, often (4,4) 5. Decorative interior and exterior bits 9. Auto-body section 10. Steering-system components (3,4) 11. A personal-watercraft brand (3,3) 12. Shafts on which wheels revolve 14. Flip-down sun shields 16. "American Chopper" family name 19. Tireless assembly-line worker 21. Term for dual-power vehicle 24. Trade term for windshield post (1,6)

Remy’s New Technical White Paper on the Connection Between Alternator Efficiency and Fuel Savings is available in the TT Training Center

Improving alternator efficiency measurably reduces fuel costs, according to Remy.

Report Card: Dynamic Duo — Contest Finalists Serve as ‘Senior’ Advisors

Zachary Bryant and Corey Zamenski set an extraordinary precedent at the Ford/AAA Auto Skills finals in June – it was the first time two juniors participated on a team at the national level.

Report Card: Readers Rides

Having shown and expressed interest in trucks at an early age, Lucas Justice received his 1986 Chevrolet C-10 pick-up from his father on his 14th birthday as a hobby project.