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The Real World: Prepping the Future

Vehicle manufacturers are searching for the ultimate Alternative-Fuel Vehicle

Living Under the Hood: Diagnosing Central Port Fuel Injection

Back in 1992, General Motors introduced a new type of fuel injection system known as “Central Port Injection” (CPI), which GM also refers to as “Central Multi-point Fuel Injection,” and later renamed “Central Sequential Fuel Injection.”

TT October 08 Pop Quiz — Ignition

Choose the answer that BEST completes the following statements or questions on Ignition systems.

Crossword Puzzle: October 2008

Across 1. Dimensions defining cylinder displacement (4,3,6) 8. Explosive ’07 Dodge model 9. Type of abnormal tire-tread wear 10. Diesel equivalent of gasoline octane 11. Hot-rod cylinder count, commonly 13. Piston-ring specification (3,3) 15. Safety device, trunk ____ latch 18. Term for replaceable cylinder sleeve 20. Cylinder inlets and outlets, ____ valves 23. Periodic engine-maintenance

Undercover: The 10 Commandments of Shocks and Struts

Many things affect vehicles in motion, including its speed, road conditions, wind and weight distribution. Therefore, the vehicle suspension system — shocks, struts and springs — must be in good condition to handle these variables. Here are 10 tips to help you better service these components.

Component Connection: Finding Failing Bearings

There can be literally dozens of reasons for premature wear or failure of an engine bearing.

Component Connection: Eliminating the Low Oil Pressure Gremlin

Whether you’re working as a production engine remanufacturer or a custom engine rebuilder, the low oil pressure issue for years has shown up in warranty or complaint arenas like the nasty gremlin that it is.

YAWA — You Asked, We Answered

Questions and Answers on Oxygen Sensors

Service Advisor: Hard Start For Ford Due to Glow Plug

Without supplemental heat to get the fire going, a diesel engine may not start.

Gomer, Goober & Grease…

Professional Advice for Students Starting Out in Their Careers

Performance Primer: The DRIVING FORCES Behind Valvetrain Technology

The latest developments in lifters, pushrods, rocker arms, valve springs, retainers and valves are pushing the performance envelope to new highs. See why parts are getting lighter, stronger and capable of producing more horsepower than ever before.