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Service Advisor: On-Car Rotor Resurfacing: Are You Doing it Right?

One of my favorite pieces of shop equipment is the on-the-car brake lathe. Not only do they resurface the rotors to the center line of the wheel bearings, they speed the job up in some cases – making it a win/win situation.

TT September 08 Pop Quiz – Emission Systems

Chose the best answer that best fits the following questions or statements

Real World: 2008 Skills USA Contest

Event Showcases Top Automotive Repair and Service Students From Across the Country

Crossword Puzzle: September 2008

Across 1. Chassis-lubrication point (6,7) 8. Noisemaker in anti-theft system 9. Dealers’ service-department cars 10. Name on a dealership document 11. Really write off a ride 13. Variable-____ power steering 15. Slang, car built by now-defunct maker 18. Outer skin of military tank 20. Perennially-popular Honda model 23. Highest-bidder car sale 24. Relationship between gears

Undercover: Putting the STOP to Pedal Pulsation

If a customer complains of pedal pulsation or steering wheel shimmy when the brakes are applied, the most common assumption is that heat, wear, corrosion or mechanical stress is causing a variation in braking torque to occur that’s directly proportionate to wheel speed.

Engine Series: Highlight — Economic Considerations For Everyday Vehicles

Over the past decade, the average life of a vehicle has grown to nearly 10 years.

Engine Series: Stroker Engines — Making Bigger Even ‘Badder’

The only way to get large displacement numbers our of an engine is to “stroke it.”

Service Advisor: Wiper Blade Q & A

Changing a set of wiper blades is fairly simple on most vehicles — once you’ve had some experience with the various blade mounting systems

Service Advisor: Avoiding Overfilling Ford Oil Levels

The best time for determining oil level is after the oil has had sufficient drain-back time to the sump.

Service Advisor: Read Any Good Tires Lately?

As a rule, all tires should wear evenly across the full face of the tread as long as wheel alignment is correct, the tires are maintained at the recommended inflation pressure, and the vehicle is driven sensibly.

Tool Rules: Passing of the Torch – Part II: Using Oxyacetylene Torches in the Shop

Note: For Part I of this article, which focuses on heating and cutting, see the Back Issues link under the MAGAZINES header on the homepage.