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Report Card: Crossing the Boundaries with Nanuk

Audi developed the Nanuk Quattro concept show car in collaboration with the designers from Italdesign Giugiaro. Displayed earlier this year at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany, the sports car was built for any stage of life and for any surface – equally at home on the race track, the highway or a winding

Crossword Puzzle: November 2013

Across 1. Ratchet’s heavy-duty attachments (6,7) 8. Shifter knob’s N 9. Ran for pinks 10. Word following crash or road 11. "Shut Up ____," Rihanna song (3,5) 13. Slang, defunct-brand car 15. Trailer-towing concern, ____ weight 17. One of the Big Three automakers 18. CV-joint protector 21. Serpentine-belt pulley 22. GM-owned auto-parts company (1,1,5) 23.

Crossword Puzzle: September 2013

Across 1. Tire’s remaining-life indicator (4,3) 5. Caliper-gripped item 8. Front and rear impact absorbers 9. Pleasure-oriented road trips 10. Annual 500-mile race, briefly 11. Manual-transmissions’ partners 13. Underhood power producer 15. Cylinder inlets and outlets, ____ valves 18. Completely remove A/C refrigerant 19. Metered ride 22. Side-impact collision type (1,4) 23. Exceed safe engine

Undercover: Shimology 101 — Breaking Down Brake Noise

High-quality brake shims are frequency and temperature engineered multi-layered products using varying grades of metal, viscoelastic polymers/bonding materials, elastomeric rubbers and fiberglass to reduce vibrations.

Under the Hood: Getting ‘Started’ in Electrical Repair Service

Getting answers to the right questions is important to a successful automotive repair.

Component Connection: Filter Replacement — Containing the Contaminants

Although air and fuel filter maintenance is usually considered a “no-brainer” by most automotive repair shops, advancing OE technology is changing the way you should be performing air and fuel filter maintenance.

Service Advisor: Knowing Your Way Around Tire Rotations

Tire rotation is an essential part of tire maintenance on all vehicles, and therefore is a key component of your customer service arsenal.

Report Card: Clemson U Students Unleaseh Deep Orange 3 Concept

The Deep Orange 3 project encompasses the engineering and design of a 2015 concept vehicle for Generation Y drivers.

Crossword Puzzle: August 2013

Across 1. Critical ignition-system component (5,4) 6. Safety-minded braking system (1,1,1) 8. T-top or targa (3,4) 9. Kill the engine by mistake 10. It’s right on the map 11. Flat-tire description 13. Removes all parts from engine 15. Traffic tie-ups, colloquially 18. Dyno-measured engine output (3,5) 19. Multi-point fuel injection, briefly (1,1,1,1) 22. Slight adjustment