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Crossword Puzzle for March 2007

Across 1. Brake pedal or steering wheel sensation 5. 1908 to 2004 GM brand, briefly 9. Snowbelt car’s undercarriage, often 10. Gauge measuring 8-Down current 11. Jag or Rolls-Royce drive, in a way (3,4) 12. CD-player button 13. Term for unmodified car 15. Fender flaws, frequently 20. Cooling system’s critical components 22. A thread-locking liquid

The Real World – Motoring Into the Mid-Range Industrial Market

Adapted from Brendan Baker’s article in Engine Builder

Badge of Honor – Whats In It For Me?

One of the most frequent questions I encounter from technicians is, Whats in it for me (WIIFM)? Its an honest question and a fair one. Why go to the trouble of taking a test and getting ASE certified if you cant see the value in holding professional credentials in the first place. I could tell

Engine Series – The Straight Up on Sealing Heads

Adapted from Larry Carley’s article in Underhood Service

Undercover – Understanding Heavy-Duty Undercarriages

Adapted from Carol Birkland’s article in Fleet Equipment

Service Advisor – What does SAE 10W-30 actually mean?

We all know to check the owners manual to find out which weight oil should be used in the engine of a vehicle, and also generally know to only use motor oils with American Petroleum Institute Certification, designated by the starburst displayed clearly on the container, in most vehicles. But what really is the difference