March, 2008 Archives - Tomorrows Technician
Monroe Lobbies Consumers to “Save a Squirrel”

The “Save a Squirrel” campaign advises consumers that vehicle steering, stopping and stability characteristics depend on the “Safety Triangle” undercar system of shock absorbers, struts, brakes and related parts

TT March 08 Pop Quiz: Power Control Modules

Power Control Modules.

Report Card: Turbo and the Talon

Travis Hurst, an automotive student at Virginia Beach Vo-Tech, is the proud owner of this 1997 Eagle Talon TSI.

The Real World: VW’s First Woman Master Tech Fits the Bill

Kipp Wierenga has earned the distinction of being the first woman in North America to become a Volkswagen Certified Master Technician.

The MACH 5 Makes its Movie Debut

“Speed Racer” Hits the Big Screen

Service Advisor: Ringing In Replacements

Piston Ring Service

Service Advisor: BRAKING BAD

Fixing A GM Brake Noise

Tool Rules: Welding on the Spot

Due to the misconceptions and lack of knowledge regarding squeeze-type resistance spot welding and its equipment, we conducted a welding machine challenge — a test that would simulate working on a vehicle and help school instructors, shop owners and collision techs make better decisions when purchasing a machine.

Tool Rules: Resistance is….. Fruitful?

A resistance spot weld is the joining of overlapping pieces of metal, achieved by applying pressure and electrical current.

Living Under the Hood: Sensing Something Awry

Once considered leading-edge technology, today’s oxygen sensor has become a commonplace service item on modern vehicles.

Crossword Puzzle: March 2008

                                Across 1. Radiator diagnostic procedures (8,5) 8. Starting aid on pre-EFI engine 9. Torque-converter component 10. Valvetrain component 11. Ran the engine at lowest RPM 13. Pink-slip names 15. GM’s emergency-aid system 18. Piston count in Chrysler’s Hemi 20.