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May 2007 Crossword Puzzle

Across 1. Ratchet adjuncts 5. Units of auto-electric current 8. Critical spark plug dimension 9. Gasoline + _____ = Gasohol 10. Uplifting item for engine hood (4,3) 11. Torque ____, dynamometer display 12. Engages, e.g. gears 14. Retreaded tires, briefly 17. Explosive ’07 Dodge model 19. Automatic-transmission action 22. Hypoid lubricant, in other words (4,3)

Real World: Anything Is Possible – If You Follow Your Dream

When the Permatex Follow A Dream Racing team captured its first race championship at the 2005 OReilly Spring Nationals in Houston, TX, it was much more than a national win in the NHRA Top Alcohol Funny Car Series. It was a phenomenal victory in the pursuit of a dream that, on paper, stood little chance,

Engine Series – Rebuilding GM’s Big-Cube Engines

Adapted from Doc Frohmaders article in Underhood Service

Strut Your Knowledge of Ball Joints

Adapted from Gene Markel’s article in Brake & Front End

YAWA: O2 Sensors

QUESTION: Dear T2: How many oxygen sensors are on todays engines?

Badge of Honor

On a national basis, most shops have openings for technicians. The impact of this is interesting. In some cases, signing bonuses are being paid in an attempt to lure technicians away from their current employer. In others, compensation packages are being adjusted to attract and retain skilled professionals. Professional technicians are in high demand. Because

Service Advisor- How Motor Oil and Additives are Consumed During Oil Drain Interval

Maintaining oil drain intervals to those established by OEMs is always recommended because they know how each of their vehicles engines performs in the field. Always consult the owners manual for oil specification and drain interval. Premium quality motor oil will maintain its effectiveness over the life of the drain without a significant drop in

On the cover

Nicholas Mendoza, 26 of College Place, WA, is the proud owner of this 2002 hot Honda Civic Si. Mendoza, a manager at Schucks Auto Supply, will be graduating from Automotive Technology in June from Walla Walla Community College (WWCC). “I have been working on import vehicles for quite a few years, and look forward to