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Crossword Puzzle: May 2008

                                    Across 1. Automotive anti-whiplash device 5. Straight-cut or ____ gear 9. Mr. MacPherson’s suspension invention 10. Brand name, broken fastener extraction tool (4,3) 11. Item connecting piston and crankshaft, briefly (3,3) 12. Trade talk for windshield pillar

TT May 08 Pop Quiz: O2 Sensors

The following T2 Pop Quiz tests your knowledge of Oxygen Sensors. Choose the one answer that best completes the following statements or questions.

Real World: Waubonsee Community College is the Head of the Class

School takes Top Honor in the T2/Chicago Pneumatic School of the Year

Component Connection: A Little Homework Goes a Long Way

A Study in Starter Failures – In the early days of the automobile, starting an engine consisted of first retarding the spark and adjusting the hand choke to optimum fuel mixture. The next step was to pull a cylinder onto compression stroke and “snap” the piston past top dead center with the hand crank. Modern starters, of course, use an electric solenoid to close the circuit between the battery and starter motor and to keep the drive pinion engaged with the flywheel until the engine achieves idle speed.

Undercover: Putting the Brakes on Engineering

We all know brakes get hot, sometimes very hot. If you watch closely on race day, it’s not uncommon to see the rotor on a race car glowing bright orange.

Undercover: EXTRA CREDIT- A Lesson in Brake Fluid

The reason it’s so important to change the fluid each time is because you can’t judge the condition of the brake fluid by its appearance alone.

Service Advisor: No Escaping Hybrid Service

The hybrid Escape and Mariner vehicles are full hybrid vehicles, meaning that, at times, the vehicle will run 100% on electric power only. In fact, it is capable of traveling up to 25 mph (40 kph) without ever starting the engine.

Engine Series: Restoring a Vehicle to Like-New Performance

Power to the People: An independent repair shop has a handful of engine replacement options available: a used engine, a quality rebuilt, a remanufactured or new OE engine.

Engine Series: Q & A on Engine Replacement

Q: At what point should an engine be replaced?
Q: What’s a “crate” engine?
Q: What are the most common installation mistakes when replacing an engine?