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BodyWorks: The DOs and DON’Ts of Refinishing Pearl Tricoats

The problem: You don’t know how many coats of pearl the OEM applied at the factory. The solution: Make a letdown panel.

Undercover: Double Down — The Advantages of Twin-Tube Shocks

Twin-tube shocks and struts have been used as original equipment on most vehicles for many years.

Undercover: Getting a Charge out of Monotube Gas Shocks

From the outside, most shock absorbers and struts look pretty much alike: a round steel tube that telescopes up and down with bushings or fittings on both ends. But inside there can be significant design differences that affect not only the ride control characteristics and performance of the damper, but also its cost.

Tool Rules: Putting a Dyno to the ‘Test’

Because of the many assumptions of what a dyno can do for you, perhaps it is timely to look more closely at how you should think about dynos as a potential part of being an engine builder.

Performance Primer: Tuner and Hooch

Any engine builder worth his or her salt knows that when you design a race engine to run on alcohol, you always have to take into account the requirement of the extra fuel required. This may be as simple as changing out carburetor jets, upping the size of fuel injectors, or even redesigning the fuel delivery system to larger lines, multiple pumps, etc. These rules aren’t folklore created by fuel salesmen and the aftermarket; these rules all have a scientific reason behind them.

Under the Hood: Surprises in the Air – Servicing A/C Systems

As vehicle owners in many parts of the country begin using their air conditioning systems for the first time this year, some will be surprised to find their A/C
system is not functioning properly or isn’t blowing out cold air like the summer past.

Crossword Puzzle: May 2009

Across 1. Electrical-circuit safety valve, ____ link 5. Racer Cale Yarborough’s real first name 8. RWD car’s differential, slangily (4,3) 9. NASCAR driver 10. Ran the engine at lowest RPM 11. Adjusted camber, caster and toe-in 12. Kid’s rental racer (2,4) 14. Irritating new-car noise 18. Slang term for brakes 20. Spark plug’s thread length

TT May ’09 Pop Quiz: Brake Hardware

Students should chose the following answer that BEST completes the following statements.

The Real World: Ohio Technical College is Tops in Training

Cleveland School Wins 2009 School of the Year
in Tomorrow’s Technician/Chicago Pneumatic Competition