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Lessons in BMW Variable Capacity A/C Systems

Despite the many advances in A/C systems during the past 10 years, it’s important for technicians to understand basic theories of operation. Understanding how a system moves heat from the confined space of the passenger compartment and dissipates it into the atmosphere will assist the technician in analyzing system failures and performing the required maintenance

Getting Your Wires Crossed: Wire Splicing for Sensitive Connections

A long time ago, I learned a method of splicing wire that has stuck with me since those early days. I actually picked this method up while I was in the military (USMC), so I can’t take credit for inventing it or perfecting it. But, since it has helped me all these years, I thought

Brake Service on 7th Gen Honda Accords

The seventh-generation Honda Accord (2003-’08) and Acura TL are some of the top-selling vehicles in the U.S. They have a very simple brake system to service, but it can be prone to brake-noise issues if it’s not properly serviced. The system uses single-piston floating calipers in the front. In the rear, some models use single-piston

Building Top Super Comp Engines

What does it take to build a winning engine for Super Comp drag racing? The Super Comp drag racing class runs on a 8.90 time limit, with essentially no rules regarding engine displacement, carburetion or type of vehicle. Engines can burn either gasoline or alcoho, but no nitro or nitrous. Engines can be naturally aspirated

Career Corner: What Shop Owners Look For in Employees

Now more than ever in the automotive service industry, employers are looking to hire automotive technicians with more that just the traditional set of automotive technician skills required to do the job. Automotive service shops prefer job applicants with general business and communication skills, on top of their automotive service skills, that give them an

T2 Crossword Puzzle: May 2014 Solution

Solution to May, 2014 Crossword Puzzle.

T2 Crossword Puzzle: May, 2014

Across 1. Service-bay wipes (4,4) 5. Disc-brake wear items 9. Tachometer feature 10. Engine-power booster 11. Fastener type, e.g. T-15, T-40 12. Repair-cost prediction 14. Persuader in tool box 16. Dealership documents 19. Maximum steering angle (4,4) 20. Tread’s traction slit 23. Intake/exhaust valves’ resting places 24. Windshield-post term (1,6) 25. Intake- or exhaust-valve section