October, 2009 Archives - Tomorrows Technician
Undercover: Debating a Complete Brake Job

One of the major issues with selling customers a “complete” brake job is that the components in the brake system do not wear at the same rate.

Truck Stop: Start Your Engines — Tips for Winterizing Heavy-Duty Diesels

Diesels like it hot. Although a heavy-duty diesel engine can power a truck, locomotive or even an oil rig, it still needs some TLC in preparation for cold temperatures.

Service Advisor: Let It Ride

15 Ride Control Tips for Selling the Job Right

Service Advisor: Keys to Success with TPMS!

President Clinton signed the TREAD Act, mandating Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems be used on passenger vehicles and light trucks (under 10,000 pounds). After a phased introduction, 100% compliance took effect with model year 2008 (September 1, 2007). It is now estimated that there are now more than 44 million vehicles on the road with TPMS.

Report Card: Show Stopper — Northwood Student’s Mustang Generates Plenty of Interest

The car, a ‘67 Flashback, was built by Classic Design Concepts (CDC) Novi, MI.

Performance Primer: Pursuing the Performance Mod Market

One of the advantages of doing import performance modifications and upgrades is that you don’t have to wait for cars to break to get business.

TT October Pop Quiz: Friction

This month, we’re testing friction knowledge. Students should choose the answer that best completes the following statements.

Real World: Getting Down and Dirty with Off-Road Racing Engines

People love their trucks and with more and more manufacturers offering beefed up trucks and SUVs with four-wheel drive, more are prone to take them off road, or at least live vicariously by watching others take theirs off road.

Crossword Puzzle: October 2009

Across 1. Electrical system safety valve 3. Screwdriver with cruciform point 9. Downforce-enhancing race-car appendage 10. Camshaft protrusions 11. Wire-wheel component 12. Shagadelic Jaguar driver Powers 14. Variable-____ power steering 16. Creature seen on car-wax label 19. US stock-car-racing association 21. Pink-slip possessor 24. Palindromic brake component 25. Radio adjunct in some windshields 26. Carries