October 2016 Archives - Tomorrows Technician
Temperature & Electrical Diagnostics

Engine coolant temperature is often a primary component of the “enable criteria” needed to run diagnostic monitors and store diagnostic trouble codes and related freeze-frame data.

All The King’s Horsepower! British Invasion

“Restifications,” whereby classic British cars are fitted with upgraded or modern engines, is becoming one of the most significant trends.

Ball Joints, Bushings & Alignment – Steering Systems Under Stress

A variance in either the toe angle or Ackerman angle caused by worn ball joints and tie rod ends can turn a laser-precision steering system into a non laser-precision driving experience.

Periodic Undercar Inspections Are A Valuable Service For Your Mazda Customers

Brake and suspension problems will surface in a couple of ways, the most common of which are noise-related.

Nissan TPMS Service – The Right Tools Make All The Difference

There is only one trick to service Nissan TPMS systems, and that is to buy the right tools.

Variable Displacement Oil Pumps – The Future Of The Oil Pump Is Here

Achieving those fuel efficiency numbers while also increasing the power to the wheels is the holy grail of vehicle engineering, and new variable displacement oil pumps are able to deliver this boost in efficiency.

Body Works Tricks Of The Trade

Make your job easier and save yourself some time with these tips and tricks.

Career Corner: You Just Got Hired! How to Be a Good New Employee

Auto Care Careers has put together some tips below to help you secure a good, lasting impression with your new employer.