September, 2009 Archives - Tomorrows Technician
Undercover: Bearing the Load

When engineers came up with the idea of putting the wheel speed sensor (WSS) and tone ring inside a sealed wheel bearing hub assembly, it seemed like a great idea. The sealed environment would help protect the sensor and make it less vulnerable to damage or contamination from the outside world.

Component Connection: Determining the Clues to Engine Bearing Failures

Because of the stresses caused by the explosions inside the internal combustion engine, engine bearing material must be extremely strong.

Under the Hood: Charging Ahead into Electrical System Testing

Although checking charging voltage at the battery terminals is the most popular method for testing an alternator, a charging voltage test seldom reveals less common problems like open or shorted alternator diodes, intermittent high or low charging rates, charging system wiring problems, intermittent cranking/no-start complaints or intermittent dead battery complaints.

Service Advisor: Technician Town Hall Spurs Responses on Rotor Runout

Just like the town hall meetings across the country where Americans have questions for their government representatives, tomorrow’s technicians have questions of their own on ways to better service their future customers.

TT September Pop Quiz: Chassis

This month’s pop quiz addresses the chassis system. Choose the answer that best completes the following statements or questions.
(Note – Answer key provided following the Pop Quiz – answers in bold.)

The Real World: Testing Your Coolant Knowledge

All types of antifreeze contain corrosion-inhibiting chemicals to protect bare metal surfaces from electrolytic attack. Though automakers disagree on which chemical additives work best in their vehicles, essentially any kind of antifreeze will work in any vehicle. But, how well will it protect the cooling system? And, for how long? And will it void the OEM warranty? These are important questions that need to be answered before choosing an antifreeze for a particular vehicle application.

Report Card: From Student to Teacher

Following her graduation from high school last year, Rachel Fonseca has continued down the automotive service road.

Crossword Puzzle: September 2009

Across 1. Technician’s diagnostic drive (4,4) 5. Spindle synonym, ____ axle 9. Timing-belt alternative 10. Combination-wrench section (4,3) 11. Piston’s TDC to BDC travel 12. Fuel reservoirs 14. Adjective for auto-electric current 16. Negative battery cable 19. Item in power-window system 21. Intake-system item 24. Roadster accessory, ____ cover 25. Right-angle hydraulic or fuel fitting