Data Proves Batman's Car Chases Are Best
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Data Proves Batman’s Car Chases Are Best

Don’t drive like these people – they’re out to save the world. Leave the car chases to the professionals.

The debate over whether Marvel or DC superheroes are best is officially over, at least when it comes to how they drive. According to a story we received from, a provider of insurance price comparisons to England and the United Kingdom, the most memorable superhero car chase of all time is in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (2012).  How’d they figure it out? Science.

Advertisement can reveal that The Dark Knight Rises (2012) has the most popular superhero car chase, scoring 7.9 out of a possible 10. Iconic for the triumphant return of Batman (Christian Bale) from the darkness, the car chase scene involves the police, Batman, and of course, the villain Bane (Tom Hardy) racing through the streets of Gotham City. This chase scene has amassed 17,477,506 YouTube views and a like-to-dislike ratio of 41:1.

The new index study evaluates the number of YouTube views, likes, dislikes, and IMDb ratings to determine the biggest car chase scenes from superhero films.

RankMovie: SceneYouTube ViewsIMDB Film rating / 10No. of Likes per DislikeTotal score / 10
1The Dark Knight Rises (2012): Batman’s first appearance chase17,477,5068.0417.9
2Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014): Nick Fury and police chase37,449,4037.7337.5
3Deadpool (2016): Car fight scene4,366,5508.0417.1
4The Dark Knight (2008): Batpod sequence chase3,241,6059.0346.6
5Batman Begins (2005): Black tank, Tumbler chase3,142,9768.2396.2
6Captain America: Civil War (2016): Black Panther chase4,272,7407.8286.1
7Black Widow (2021): Budapest car chase scene2,331,3666.71595.6
8Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016): Batmobile chase5,182,9096.4205.7
9The Avengers (2012): Loki escaping with Tesseract174,2348.0934.8
10Ant-Man and The Wasp (2018): Car chase scene494,5937.0464.5
Superhero car chases – is your favorite on here?

In second place, with a score of 7.5 out of 10, is the scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which sees the police chasing Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). With over 37 million YouTube views, it has been watched over two times more than the car chase in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (17,477,506 views). Despite thatthe scene places second due to having a lower overall like-to-dislike ratio (33:1). 


In third place is a scene from Deadpool (2016) with 7.1 out of 10, which shows Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) jumping off a bridge in his attempt to hunt Francis down and get his revenge. This heart-racing car chase has accumulated 4,366,550 views on YouTube – 87% more than the Budapest car chase featured in Black Widow (2021), which finished in seventh place (2,331,366).

Another car chase from the Batman series races into fourth place, this time involving Heath Ledger’s legendary performance as The Joker behind the wheel in The Dark Knight (2008). The scene, which starts with Batman’s Tumbler seamlessly transforming into the Batcycle before riding off after the Joker, scored an overall 6.6 out of 10. With 3,241,605 YouTube views to date, it was seen only 3% more times than the chase scene in 2005’s Batman Begins (3,142,976 views), in fifth place.


Interestingly, Batman films seem to give fans the most memorable car chase scenes of all the superheroes. Out of the top 10, four scenes are from this superhero franchise. The ‘Tumbler chase’ from Batman Begins (2005) comes in fifth place with a score of 6.2 out of 10. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) scores well enough to come in eighth place with 5.7/10.

In fact, Batman’s driving is on display in 5 of the top 16 movies, with car chases involving Spiderman, Black Panther and Wonder Woman filling out the scorecard. You can find the full dataset here, along with YouTube videos of all 16 superhero car chase scenes.


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