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Don’t Let These 10 Pieces Of Advice Screw Up Your Job Hunt

Are you making these mistakes while job hunting? Here are ten outdated pieces of advice that you should really ignore.


shutterstock_65557771-e1426010300859Are you making these mistakes while job hunting? According to US News, these are 10 outdated pieces of advice that you should really ignore.


1. Always use a landline for a phone interview
This advice has become unrealistic now since most people don’t even have a landline. While it still may be better to use a landline if you have one, don’t worry if you have to use your cellphone. Just check to make sure you’re somewhere quiet with good reception.

2. Put every job on your resume
A resume is used to present your best self for the job, in the strongest light. It does not have to be exhaustive and you don’t have to include your high school job at McDonald’s if you don’t want to. Include what could be considered relevant to the job you want, and customize your resume to each job you’re applying for.


3. Your resume can’t go over one page
This has been hammered into our heads for years. But times have changed and two-page resumes are common now.

4. Put “References available upon request” at the bottom of your resume
It is now assumed that you’ll provide references if asked and you don’t have to spell it out on your resume. Plus, it just takes up space and can feel dated.

5. Use “good” resume paper
The days of buying heavy stock for resumes are over. And most resumes are submitted online now anyway. Instead, focus on keywords and on-screen formatting to make your resume impress.


6. Include an “Objective” at the top of your resume
Hiring managers no longer care about your goals or objectives. And, again, they waste valuable space. Instead, include highlights or a skills summary.

7. Overnight your resume
If you overnight your resume nowadays, you’ll stand out as outdated. That’s never good. Not only that but you’ll look like a nuisance because a paper resume is almost impossible to enter into electronic application-tracking systems.

8. Offer a positive framed as a weakness
This “trick” is so cliché at this point and can come across as disingenuous. Try something new.

9. Say you’ll call to schedule an interview
Job-seekers do not get to just decide to schedule the interview; employers do. And it’s inappropriately pushy.


10. Write your resume and cover letter in formal language
These days, its best to sound like you. Conversational, slightly informal language is fine and generally more compelling than overly stiff language.

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