EIT Opens New Auto Body Repair Lab

EIT Opens New Auto Body Repair Lab

The Erie Institute of Technology in Erie, PA, recently opened a new auto body training facility.

The Erie Institute of Technology in Erie, PA, recently opened a new auto body training facility.

From Sierra Tufts’ article on the Erie News Now website:

Before you know it, high school graduation will be here, and it’s the time many seniors are wondering, “What’s next?”  Erie Institute of Technology recently opened a new hands-on auto body training facility on West 13th Street in Erie, which could be the answer.

The new lab is essentially a fully operation auto body shop.  It has all the necessary tools for students to train, including a straightening machine, and even a paint booth.

If you’re interested in a program like this, expect being hands on training for more than half of the program.  During the training, you’ll complete the same works as if you already had a job at a real shop.

Click HERE to read the entire article about the Erie Institute of Technology on the Erie News Now website.

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