Engine Build: Triple Turbo 6.7L Super Stock Cummins Engine

Engine Build: Triple Turbo 6.7L Super Stock Cummins Engine

This Chevy Silverado 2500HD Z71 has a triple turbo 6.7L Super Stock Cummins under the hood.

Article courtesy ENGINE BUILDER.

Back in mid-October, the Engine Builder team headed to Dragway 42 in West Salem, Ohio, to check out the King of the Street Challenge and the Big Rig Showdown. That’s where we came across Jeremy Yeager and his team doing some final preparations on their Chevy Silverado 2500HD Z71 with a triple turbo 6.7L Super Stock Cummins under the hood.

According to Yeager, the truck is purpose-built to run Pro Pulling League Champions Tour or NTPA Grand National and the complete truck was built by Chaos Fabrication LLC in Washington, Pennsylvania.

“They did an outstanding job from the chassis to the drive line to the engine, as well as the turbochargers,” says Jeremy Yeager, who truck pulls as a hobby. “The engine has a 6.7L crank, custom rods, custom pistons, a billet oil pump, and we’re running a triple turbo setup with a 4.3 base charger with two 4.1s on the atmosphere.

“It’s definitely a hobby for us. We’ve been pulling for a long time – since the early 2000s. We started with gas trucks and rolled into a work stock diesel truck with a Duramax. We have a Pro Pulling League Limited Pro diesel with a Duramax in it that we run now as well. It’s been parked for the year just because of the lack of events. Then, we came across an opportunity to buy this truck off of Kevin Campbell over at Chaos, and it’s been exciting.”

Jeremy has had the new truck and 6.7L Cummins engine for about two months now. He says, for now, their success is just getting it down the track as they are still figuring out the best ways to run the truck.

“It’s much more powerful than what we’re used to in Unlimited Pro,” Yeager says. “We’ve done a few pulls with it now and I still have some learning to do. The engine puts out mid-3,000 horsepower.

“When we enter competitions, we’re hoping to finish in the money. Everyone has their own goals, and ultimately as a team, we’re hoping to make a successful pass and gain a little more knowledge about the truck and have fun. If we can hurt some feelings along the way, that’s cool, but we’re here to have fun.”

With more than 3,000 horsepower on hand from the triple turbo 6.7L Super Stock Cummins, it’s hard not to have some fun!

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