Engine Build: Twin-Turbo 427 LSX Engine

Engine Build: Twin-Turbo 427 LSX Engine

This Evo VIII owner opted to lose the 4G63 and swap in a custom-built, twin-turbo 427 LSX engine.

Article courtesy ENGINE BUILDER.

We were recently contacted by Przemysław Komar on Instagram. In fact, we get quite a few messages through Instagram – admittedly, some are worth reading more so than others. The message from Przemysław was worth reading.

He sent over a few images of his new engine build in his Evo VIII. Obviously, we were instantly intrigued, and especially so because the engine images were not of a 4G63, which you’d normally expect to find in an Evo, but rather of a V8 engine.

Przemysław, who lives in Poland, owns a farming business with his family called Komar Group. The farm has existed since 1989 and specializes in growing fresh mushrooms, primarily for the Western Europe market. Komar Group also operates honeyberry and blueberry plantations and can cultivate crops year-round. 

Aside from farming, Przemysław is also a fan of speed. He’s been racing his Evo VIII for several years, always trying to improve his drag times. Recently, he decided to upgrade the engine in his Evo and opted for V8 horsepower courtesy of a 427 cid LSX build done by Jan Niemcewicz at Niemcewicz Racing.

The LSX build features a 427 cid Dart block, a custom crank, custom rods, Diamond boost pistons, Mast 290cc cathedral cylinder heads, a Brian Tooley Racing twin-turbo camshaft, Jesel rockers, a Holley Hi Ram intake, twin BorgWarner S400SX turbos, Turbosmart Power-Gate 60mm wastegates, and an ECU from ECU Master.

With this new twin-turbo 427 LSX engine all finished up, Przemysław and his Evo VIII will be looking to top his low-8-second quarter-mile times!

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