Engine Build: Twin-Turbo 508 cid LSX Engine

Engine Build: Twin-Turbo 508 cid LSX Engine

This Pontiac Trans Am drag car has nearly 1,900 horsepower coming from its twin-turbo 508 cid LSX engine.

Article courtesy Engine Builder.

Going to the race track every Friday night after school is what got Jason Raley into fast cars and powerful engines. In fact, his appetite for all things automotive has turned into Jason owning nearly 50 vehicles in his life – and he’s only 45 years old!

Jason’s passion for the automotive industry is also reflected in his business, Tint Kits, which is an online, pre-cut window tint manufacturer and installer. The company’s window tints, which use SunTek film, are pre-cut by computer to fit any vehicle, as well as offering options for homes and buildings too.

While Jason may have owned 48 cars over the years, his Pontiac Trans Am drag car is on a whole other level, and is a car Jason says is truly special to him. With a twin-turbo 508 cid LSX engine under the hood, we can understand why!

Jason isn’t an engine builder himself, rather he is a racer, so he turned to Jimmy Cox of Jimmy Cox Racing in Charlotte Hall, MD, for his latest LSX engine build.

“He’s the best there is,” Raley says. “Our motor is a 508 cid LSX. It’s a ¼-mile drag car and only weighs 2,280-lbs. without a driver.”

The LSX engine features Trick Flow heads, ARP 2000 rod bolts, Diamond pistons, twin 92mm turbos, 50mm Turbosmart wastegates, 2,200cc FIC injectors, and it runs on X98 VP Racing fuel. Everything is controlled by a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU.

The drag car also has UMI suspension parts with AFCO Big Guns all around. M&M built the TH400 transmission and all the fab work was completed by Piranha Fab in New Oxford, PA.

“The car is very well built,” Raley says. “We expect mid-6-second passes.”

With nearly 1,900 horsepower coming from the engine on 48-lbs. of boost, we think Jason will meet those goals, and we can’t wait to hear how it sounds and drives!

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