February 2008 Pop Quiz -

February 2008 Pop Quiz

The following T2 Pop Quiz tests your knowledge of Electronic Fuel Injection. Choose the one answer that best completes the following statements or questions.

1) The “heart” of a vehicle’s electronic fuel injection system is __________
A. the carburetor
B. the fuel pump
C. the fuel injector
D. the Powertrain Control Module

2) A Port Fuel Injection system is a type of injection system that uses individual injectors for each of the engine’s ________ .
A. sensors
B. exhaust ports
C. intake ports
D. heads

3) Direct Injection (DI), becoming more widely used on late model cars, has been used for many years with _______ engines.
A. performance
B. diesel
C. gasoline
D. hybrid
E. CNG (compressed natural gas)

4) In an OBD II compliant EFI system, the computer must calculate the amount of _____ entering the engine so it can maintain an average stoichiometric air/fuel ratio of 14.7:1.
A. air
B. fuel
C. exhaust
D. oxygen

5) Which is NOT considered to be a component of a typical electronic fuel injection system?
A. MAP sensor
B. TP sensor
C. G Sensor
D. IAT sensor
E. ECT sensor

6) Fuel injectors are the electromechanical devices that meter and ________ fuel.
A. burn
B. pump
C. blend
D. atomize

7) Which is NOT one of the three types of electronic fuel injection system?
A. throttle-body injection
B. port injection
C. central multiport injection
D. throttle-multiport injection

8) OBD II compliant fuel injection systems control gasoline delivery and spark control:
A. on a cylinder-by cylinder basis
B. to provide the optimum air/fuel ratio for a given set of operating conditions
C. to maintain catalyst temperature
D. all of the above

9) In any EFI system, the fuel pressure must be high enough to prevent the fuel from _______.
A. detonating
B. boiling
C. leaking past seals
D. pressurizing

10) A ________ system has one central injector and a poppet nozzle in each intake port.
A. throttle-body injection
B. port injection
C. central multiport injection
D. throttle-multiport injection

Answers to the February 2008 Pop Quiz are below.

Scroll down here.


1) the Powertrain Control Module

2) intake ports

3) diesel

4) air

5) G Sensor

6) atomize

7) throttle-multiport injection

8) all of the above

9) boiling

10)  central multiport injection

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