Finish Line: Infiniti Reveals Q60 Concept in Detroit -

Finish Line: Infiniti Reveals Q60 Concept in Detroit

Infiniti_Q60_Concept_design_rendering_05Infiniti has revealed its Q60 Concept, the precursor to a premium sports coupe that will go into production in 2016. The exhilarating concept was unveiled during Infiniti’s press conference at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January.

Showing a sweeping, angular exterior that underlines its power and performance intentions, the two-door coupe in concept form hints at the captivating dynamics that await customers.

“One look and it is clear: Q60 Concept is a strong statement from Infiniti designers that the exhilaration is real,” said Roland Krüger, president of Infiniti Motor Company, Ltd. “Design is a key driver for developing a strong brand. Q60 Concept is another building block in Infiniti’s quest to refresh its portfolio with a strong and consistent design language. And in 2016, we will launch a new model heavily inspired by the Q60 Concept.”

On the outside, the Q60 Concept boasts a road-hugging stance etched out by sharp character creases and deep recesses in the body side. The hallmark Infiniti headlamp gives the coupe a high-tech stare, with fine fiber optics like the lines of the iris radiating from the pupil.

Infiniti Q60 ConceptInside, the high-quality finishes are seen and felt in the smallest detail, from the handcrafted leather-wrapped instrument panel and steering wheel to the premium leather and quilted stitching of the seats.

Living up to its sports car image, the Q60 Concept showcases superior power from the next-generation 3.0L V6 engine with direct injection and twin-turbocharging — part of a new family of lighter, smaller, more efficient and more powerful engines.

The Q60 concept features a 3.0L V6 twin turbocharged direct injection engine with 24-valve DOHC and a 7-speed automatic transmission.

Aluminum and carbon fiber are prominent materials in the Q60 concept.

Nissan says vehicle designers emphasized the wheels to give the Q60 concept an athletic profile, accentuated with distinctive spoke 21-inch wheels that fill up the wheel arches to give the vehicle its domineering stance.

The exterior refinements continue on the outside to evoke a premium atmosphere.

A hand-stitched leather-wrapped steering wheel, instrument panel and carbon fiber in the door accents also telegraph the vehicle’s performance, said Infiniti officials.

The Q60’s seats have also been designed to complement the car’s character, with a variety of leathers used to bring out the best comfort, from premium saddle leather to thick cushion quilting. Rear passengers will enjoy bucket seats, adding to the premium environment in the car.

The vehicle’s all-new engine, first previewed in the Q80 Inspiration at the Paris Motor Show, will be part of a new family of engines that Infiniti plans to introduce within the next two years.

The Q60 concept also wraps in technologies designed to provide an intuitive level of driving assistance. These include Infiniti Direct Adaptive Steering, which first appeared on the Q50. The system controls both the angle of the tire and steering, said to transmit the driver’s intentions to the wheels faster than would otherwise be possible with a mechanical system.

The vehicle will also have the new Infiniti “InTuition” system, a fully customizable digital environment that recognizes settings for up to four different drivers, including preferences for driving position, heating and cooling, audio, navigation and telematics.

With its striking design, sure sense of performance and painstaking finish to the last detail, the Q60 Concept paves the way for Infiniti’s premium sports coupe to come.

Source: Infiniti Motor Company Ltd.,


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