Greenville High School Career Tech Center's New Auto-Tech Instructor Giving Back

Greenville High School Career Tech Center’s New Auto-Tech Instructor Giving Back

Matt Obringer is the new auto-tech instructor at Greenville High School in Greenville, Ohio.

Matt Obringer is the new auto-tech instructor at Greenville High School in Greenville, Ohio.

From Carolyn Harmon’s article on The Daily Advocate website:

Greenville High School Career-Technology Center’s new Auto-Tech Instructor Matt Obringer, of Greenville, discovered decades of history in his desk drawer.

“I am not the cleanest individual you have ever met, but I sat down and opened up the desk drawer and I said, ‘Holy crap’,” he said. “So much stuff was shoved in here. I started going through this thing – you want to talk about a blast from the past. This photo is of a field trip that I took when I was in my junior year. We were learning about air bags. I kept digging and found some business cards from me, from 2003. The oldest thing I found in here was from 1962. I think it was due to be cleaned.”

Obringer was a former student of the Greenville High School Auto-Tech Program.

Click HERE to read the entire article the Greenville High School auto-tech program on The Daily Advocate website.

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