TYPE (not model or brand) November 2022 - Tomorrows Technician

TYPE (not model or brand) November 2022

Answer: Muscle Car

TYPE (not model or brand) November 2022 Champion:

Kevin Billingsley, Alliance High School, Alliance, OH • Dakota Kelly, Cecil County School of Technology, Elkton, MD • Michael Szittai, Lakewood High School/Westshore CTD, Lakewood, OH • Jenny Sassaman, TCHS Pennock's Bridge, West Grove, PA • LaTeefah Johnson, Clover Park Technical College, Lakewood, WA • Quentin Hoff, East Valley Institute of Technology, Mesa, AZ • Kayleigh Leos, North East Schools CTEC, San Antonio, TX • Erica Redman, Grand River Technical School, Chillicothe, MO • Ella Fray, Jefferson County JVS, Bloomingdale, OH • Melody Graves, Hillyard Technical Center, St. Joseph, MO

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