Internships Can be a Great Stepping Stone -

Internships Can be a Great Stepping Stone

0-intern1Even though you are still in school, now is the time to start thinking about your career path.

And one of the best ways to get on-the-job training while you continue your education is through an internship or apprenticeship.
Though internships sometimes come with a bad reputation that entail running errands and getting coffee, they have proven to be very beneficial in securing a job after graduation.

University officials and employers almost universally maintain that partaking in an internship before graduation is integral to finding meaningful employment in today’s job market.

Since an internship increases your chances of becoming employed after technician school, it is crucial to approach it with the same tenacity as you would an actual job. The reason “actual” is used as an adjective there is because sometimes these internships come without pay; however, experience trumps pay in this circumstance, like a Lamborghini trumps a 1970s Gremlin.

Getting an internship/apprenticeship and getting a job require a ­similar process.

First, you have to create a resume, detailing whatever traits you possess that will make you qualified to receive the job you desire. This resume should look ­professional and organized to project a “well-put-together” image.

Next, since you are in technician school, your school will have resources allowing you to browse through any internship opportunities as well as any future job fairs. Going to a job fair can be very fruitful, as you are meeting with employers face-to-face.

This also means you will have to talk face-to-face with an employer, so you should come dressed appropriately as well as equipped with resumes and a short speech about ­yourself.


Another approach you can use is utilizing professional organizations or associations for your field, which will often have online job postings or postings in their offices. If they do not have anything posted, feel free to call the organization and ask if they provide any information regarding internship openings.

The common saying, “it’s not what you know; it’s who you know” also proves to be appropriate in looking for an internship.

Networking with friends, family and acquaintances can be immensely helpful because you can just simply inquire if any of them have heard of any openings or companies that offer internships.

Specialized websites are also at your disposal, but if you choose this option, be cautious, as there are a lot of scammers on the sites. Lastly, for those who are creative or simply cannot find anything else they are interested in, you can create your own internship.

Simply find a company you would like to work for, ask for a meeting and propose an internship. This method however requires extensive preparation involving an excellent wardrobe, outstanding resume and a plan outlining how you can help them and what you both stand to gain.
Overall, you have to show them why they need you (emphasis on the need).

Now, once you find an internship/apprenticeship, you have to make sure to secure it. Make contact, ace the interview, be persistent and proactive and finally accept the offer.

All of this is easier said than done, but in today’s job market, you need every edge over your ­competitors you can get.

Sources: U.S. News and WikiHow

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