Jeep Cherokee Dakar Concept Tackles the Terrain -

Jeep Cherokee Dakar Concept Tackles the Terrain

Environmental Protection: Jeep's latest concept vehicle is ready to handle the trails and rugged terrain of the harshest environments.

Environmental Protection: Jeep’s latest concept vehicle is ready to handle the trails and rugged terrain of the harshest environments.

According to its designers, the Jeep Cherokee Dakar is the most extreme Cherokee ever.


The vehicle made its debut on the trails and rugged terrain at the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah in April.

Now in its 48th year, the Easter Jeep Safari is attended by thousands of die-hard off-road enthusiasts looking to enjoy a week of serious off-roading on some of the country’s most renowned trails.

There, they got to witness the Dakar concept’s silver steel satin gloss exterior skin, strikingly set off with flame red graphics that encircle the window and wrap around the black hood graphic.

The Trailhawk 17-inch polished satin clear coat wheels feature two large flame red pockets, along with the with the Cherokee nameplate.
Front-end features are enhanced by two prototype inserts on the traditional Jeep seven-slot grille, as well as through a prototype lower fascia trim.


The Cherokee Dakar is fortified for off-road action, equipped with Jeep Performance Parts rock rails, an oil pan skid plate, front suspension skid plate, two-piece fuel tank and underbody skid plates.

Cherokee Dakar’s wheel openings have been modified in order to accommodate larger 33-inch BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires. The rough-and-ready look rises with a prototype Jeep Performance Parts lift kit, and additional suspension modifications help make it the most extreme Cherokee yet.

And the prototype wider fender flares with riveted bolts give a tougher appearance and also accommodate the wider track and larger tires.

Cherokee Dakar’s crawl ratio is 48:1, and estimated approach and departure angles are 32 and 39 degrees, respectively.

Inside, Katzkin leather black seats with “Machined Gunmetal” inserts are heightened with Header Red stitching, which is also found on the steering wheel, armrest and shift boot.

“This year, we’re showcasing a combination of Mopar and Jeep Performance Parts on our vehicles for off-road enthusiasts to see a variety of customization and personalization options,” said Pietro Gorlier, president and CEO — Mopar, Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and ­customer-care brand. “Since 2002, Jeep and Mopar have teamed to ­create more than 40 unique concept vehicles for enthusiasts who attend the popular Easter Jeep Safari.”

Although the concept vehicle was powered with the 3.2L V6 stock motor, the Jeep/Mopar crew did tweak to the exhaust to make the Dakar purr like a mountain lion when the gas was applied. Which was fitting, given the location of the annual event.

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