Ken Block's Tire Safety Tips
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Ken Block’s Tire Safety Tips



What’s on Ken Block’s “To-Do” list? Floss daily, exercise regularly and check tires monthly.

And while you should already be checking your tires every month, what better month to make it a habit than National Tire Safety Week. This year National Tire Safety Week runs from May 28-June 3.

In partnership with Toyo Tire USA Corp., here are the professional rally driver’s quick tips on tire safety.

Ken Block’s Quick Tips:

1. Check Tire Pressure Monthly

Even if your vehicle is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), check your tire pressure with a gauge when they’re cool at least once a month and before every long trip. Air pressure enables the tire to support the load so proper inflation is critical.


2. Make Sure the Air Pressure is Correct

Find the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended air pressure on the tire placard. This can be found on the door or door jamb, glove box, trunk lid or fuel door.

3. Check the Tread Depth

Do the “penny test.” If you can see Lincoln’s head then it’s time for replacement. Tires should be replaced when the tread is worn down to 2/32nds, or 1/16-inch.

For more National Tire Safey Week tips from Toyo, visit

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