Kia Tech Tip: New Part Cures EVAP Leaks -

Kia Tech Tip: New Part Cures EVAP Leaks

Working on a Kia Rio? There's a new part that cures EVAP leaks on 2012-2017 Rio models.

2012-2017 Rio

This bulletin provides the procedure to replace the Canister Close Valve (CCV) on some 2012- 2017MY Rio (UB) vehicles, produced from June 21, 2011, through March 28, 2016, which may exhibit the engine warning lamp DTCs P0455 and P0456 for an evaporative emission system leak due to the Canister Close Valve (CCV) stuck open.

The Canister Close Valve (A) is a separate part from the Fuel Tank Air Filter assembly (B) where it is inserted.

Follow the procedure outlined in this bulletin to replace the CCV with an improved part. Before conducting the procedure, verify that the vehicle is within the affected production date range.

The rubber seal material has changed from black to tan.

Article courtesy Underhood Service.

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