Managing Your Time

Managing Your Time

Here are 5 tips to follow to help with time management.

Plenty of us can relate to being in a position where we may have felt like we had the whole world on our shoulders. So much to do, not enough time.

With the school year coming to an end soon, I can imagine many of you are cramming to tie up loose ends.

I get it – it can be stressful feeling like you’re not able to achieve your goals because of timing. So much to do; so little time! The fact is, if you don’t have a solid foundation behind your time management, the pressures you face on a daily can begin to pile up.

Excellent time management allows you to complete more in a shorter amount of time, lowers stress and leads to success.

Here are 5 tips to help manage your time, to effectively accomplish the goals you’ve set.

Name Your Goals:

If you’re unsure of what your values and priorities are, it’ll be hard to manage your time wisely. List out the goals you’re trying to achieve and establish what will be required on your part to get there.

Set Deadlines:

Procrastination can be a tricky thing to deal with. I’m guilty of it myself! One trick that has always helped me is setting deadlines. Coming up with deadlines helps create space within your work and structure within your time.


Being busy doesn’t always mean you’re being productive. It’s important to remember that everyone’s goals are different and carry different weight when it comes to importance. For your sake and others, set clear priorities. Separate essential tasks and non-essential tasks. If you don’t set clear priorities, you risk using your time poorly. 

Use Technology Wisely:

Many of your classes or even your job may require you to log onto the internet. While technology is certainly a valuable tool, it can also cause you to fall in an unintended hole of endless scrolling. Keep the content that you’re consuming short and to the point.


Being able to effectively manage your time doesn’t mean “no fun.” Schedule rewards for yourself when you reach a certain milestone leading up to your end goal. Reward yourself with something important to you like exercising outside, spending time with friends, or reading a book.

The benefits of time management are simple. When you manage your time effectively, you accomplish bigger results. When you have a clear understanding about how to best use your time, you become more focused and productive. And be patient – managing your time perfectly doesn’t happen overnight. Figure out what works best for you and stick with it over time.

Finish off the school year strong, I know you can do it!

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