Mayhew Tools Expands Hammerless Tools Line with New 3-Piece Set -

Mayhew Tools Expands Hammerless Tools Line with New 3-Piece Set

The extension to Mayhew’s Hammerless Tools line provides a variety of hammerless options to the user in a single pouch.

Mayhew Steel Products, Inc. (Mayhew Tools) introduced a new 3-Piece Hammerless Set to their existing Hammerless Tools product line. This set includes a prick punch/center punch combo, a pin punch/hammer combo and a cold chisel/hammer combo. Available in a convenient pouch for easy storage and quick accessibility, this set allows for faster and more accurate completion of projects, especially in the automotive market. 

These unique, spring-powered tools are safe to use while also delivering extreme force and precision while marking, cutting, punching, starting and/or setting — without the need for a traditional hammer. Ideal for use on wood or metal surfaces, these tools deliver up to 3,500-lbs. of striking force. Simply place the tool directly on the work surface, pull back the spring and release – gaining extreme precision and accuracy while avoiding mishits and glancing blows. 

Each tool in this set allows for the following:

Prick Punch/Center Punch Combo

·        Prick Punch: Used to scribe lines in metal before cutting or riveting.

·        Center Punch: Used to mark, indent and punch most materials, including mild steel, and can be resharpened.

Pin Punch/Hammer Combo

·        3/16-in. Pin Punch: Used to drive out and remove already loosened pins and keys.

·        Hammer: Used to drive pins, nails, plugs and dowels as well as flatten uneven metal surfaces.

Cold Chisel/Hammer Combo

·        Cold Chisel: Used to cut rivet heads, mild steel screws and copper wire.

·        Hammer: Used to drive pins, nails, plugs and dowels as well as flatten uneven metal surfaces.

All tools in the Mayhew Hammerless Tools line are made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty. 

Mayhew Tools are sold through an extensive network of global distributors, primarily serving the industrial, automotive, and hardware markets.

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