Mitchell Report Examines Ongoing Effects Of COVID-19

Mitchell Report Examines Ongoing Effects Of COVID-19

Experts note the importance of understanding that our future “normal” may be very different.

Mitchell has released its first quarter Industry Trends Report for 2021, which shares important data-driven trends impacting the property and casualty industry along with expert insights, opinions and guidance that can help businesses navigate this year’s new environment.

A year after the COVID crisis abruptly upended life around the world, workers everywhere are anxiously awaiting a return to “normal.” However, industry experts note the importance of understanding that our future “normal” may be very different, as changes in commuting, investments in virtual medical care and the emergence of a hybrid workforce begin to take shape.

Throughout this quarter’s report, Mitchell experts share insights important to the industry, including the evolution of claims automation and changes in claims frequency in the wake of COVID-19, the effect of COVID-19 on hospitals and healthcare workers, and a closer look at vaccines.

In this edition of the Auto Physical Damage Edition, Olivier Baudoux, senior vice president of Global Product Strategy and Artificial Intelligence for Mitchell’s Auto Physical Damage division, shares his insights about the technological evolution necessary to reach the “Holy Grail of automation: touchless estimates.” While COVID-19 accelerated the pace of digital transformation for the collision repair industry and advancements have led to increased automation, “the need for human oversight and intervention remains necessary,” says Baudoux. “Furthermore, the infrastructure and regulation required to support a completely automated end-to-end system are still evolving.”

This edition also takes a deeper dive into collision repair trends from 2020 and what they mean for the future and how ADAS calibrations can be a new profit center. Also, Ryan Mandell, director of Claims Performance, sits down with Paul Prochilo, CEO of Canada’s Simplicity Car Care and Chairman of the Canadian Collision Industry Forum (CCIF), for the latest mPower Collision Podcast.

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