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Mueller-Kueps Wheel Hub Grinder Is Back

Burned in corrosion residues are completely removed from wheel and hub contact surfaces with a quick and easy process.


Mueller-Kueps has brought back itswheel hub grinder (P/N 433 500) with a new modification. Unlike previous models, this item is now meant for use with an impact wrench.

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With a 1/2-in. drive, you can now use the impact while still enjoying the same benefits as previous wheel hub grinders. 

This wheel hub grinder is meant for the optimal cleaning of the wheel and hub contact surfaces. Burned in corrosion residues are completely removed with a quick and easy process. Actual processing time per hub is about 3-25 seconds, depending on the thickness of corrosion.

Due to the porous abrasives and a cup-shaped grinding plate there is minimal dust. The Velcro adhesive makes it easy to change out the replacement discs.

For safety reasons, always keep the disc in contact with the surface of the wheel while the power tool is on.

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