Nissan Versa Alignment Specs -

Nissan Versa Alignment Specs

The Nissan Versa is the entry-level vehicle that took over from the Sentra, which is now classified as a mid-sized vehicle. The Versa shouldn’t be a problem to align, but you need to be aware of a few quirks.

Nissan-Versa-alignmentThe Nissan Versa is the entry-level vehicle that took over from the Sentra, which is now classified as a mid-sized vehicle. The Versa shouldn’t be a problem to align, but you need to be aware of a few quirks.

Front Suspension

The front suspension uses a strut and lower control arm. Camber can be adjusted by installing aftermarket cam bolts in the upper bolt holes of the strut and knuckle. Caster is not adjustable. If caster is out of specification, check the control arm.

2007-‘11 models have had numerous complaints about the front coil springs breaking. This failure usually results in part of the coil breaking off and the spring falling off its perch. This typically happens during low-speed maneuvers, and the customer may notice a piece of the spring on the ground.

If the customer is able to drive the vehicle, it will pull in one direction and will require extra steering effort. Nissan did issue bulletin NTB 11032 concerning noise coming from the front suspension during low speeds. The solution is to install an insulator tube over the top of the spring to solve any noise problems, but spring replacement is recommended if the technician sees any possible problems.

To spot a weak or broken spring, check the ride height. According to Nissan, measure the distance from the top of the wheel well to the ground, which should measure 26.9” in the front and 26.8” in the rear with a full tank of gas.

Nissan alignmentRear Suspension

The rear suspension is a trailing arm beam axle. Toe and camber can be adjusted with aftermarket shims that fit between the hub unit and axle.

Toe adjustments can be made by manipulating the bolts holding the axle mounts to the body. This is very labor intensive and should only be performed as a last resort. Also, without an alignment system that can measure setback and thrust, you could be flying blind. Check Nissan TSB NTB 11060 for more details.

Steering System

The Versa uses electric power steering (EPS). The system uses a torque sensor in the steering column to determine the level of assist as well as a vehicle speed sensor on the transmission. The sensor cluster on the steering column shares position information with the ABS/ESC system through the EPS control module that connects to the CAN bus.

The system can go into a fail-safe mode if it detects conditions that might cause the motor to overheat due to extended current loads, such as a bad thrust angle or a driver fighting a steering pull.

Courtesy Brake & Front End.


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