Noregon JPRO Professional Update Arriving In October -

Noregon JPRO Professional Update Arriving In October

Noregon, a company that specializes in connected vehicle solutions, has revealed details about the third major update of 2019 for JPRO Professional, which will be available mid-October at no additional cost to active subscribers.

Noregon, a company that specializes in connected vehicle solutions, has revealed details about the third major update of 2019 for JPRO Professional, an in-shop diagnostic and repair solution. The update will be available mid-October at no additional cost to active subscribers.

Through a mutual collaboration, Noregon and Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC (Bendix) worked to further enhance the functionality for Bendix components within JPRO Professional and NextStep Fault Guidance.

“As professional-level diagnostic and repair applications, it is critical for JPRO and NextStep to offer the necessary functionality for technicians to accurately diagnose and troubleshoot every ECU on the vehicle. Our work together helps us achieve that goal,” said Noregon’s CTO, Dave Covington.

With JPRO Professional 2019 V3, technicians can remain resident in a single application to diagnose and troubleshoot Bendix systems along with all other ECUs on the vehicle. Technicians working on Bendix components through JPRO will find a user-friendly interface, plus detailed fault descriptions, and the ability to switch between components instantly. 

The release includes additional coverage and bi-directional tests for Bendix systems and other major component and vehicle manufacturers. Additionally, built-in education and troubleshooting features underwent enhancements to help technicians gain quick access to the information that helps them use the tool efficiently, including Tech Tip articles, training videos, and more. To assist with training, a new configuration of JPRO’s Virtual Truck is included in the release.

“Since the launch of our first Virtual Truck, we received unanimous praise from the industry for its ability to train students, technicians, and others who wish to learn how to navigate the software and diagnose commercial vehicles,” said Covington. “The new Virtual Truck configuration includes popular components and fault data not used on previous installments so technicians can simulate JPRO’s advanced features to hone their skills on trucks commonly seen in the industry without ever having to make a physical truck connection.”

Noregon also recently collaborated with Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks North America to utilize the interface of Noregon’s real-time fleet asset management application, TripVision, in Mack’s and Volvo’s new dynamic maintenance. Dynamic maintenance is a connected vehicle maintenance service that seeks to improve fleet operations efficiency through proactive and flexible vehicle-specific maintenance planning. Noregon CEO, Tim Bigwood, discussed the collaborations, saying, “Mack and Volvo are two pioneers in our industry. They are always at the forefront of technological advancements that directly improve the cost of vehicle ownership for their customers, so we are pleased to help facilitate their uptime goals.”

Noregon representatives will be discussing these initiatives and more at the ATA MCE Conference October 5-9 at their booth #7059.

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