November 2014 Crossword -

November 2014 Crossword

1. Tire-shop task
5. Critical spark plug dimension
8. Trip-odometer button
9. Cleans car to nth degree
10. Trucker’s CB query, “Got your ____ on?”
11. Fuel containers (3,5)
13. Exhaust _____ (muffler, tailpipe, etc.)
15. Fully-optioned, informally
18. Dramatic tire failures
19. Polish the paint
22. Wheel fastener type (3,4)
23. Wiper brand since 1917
24. Prepares panel for paint
25. Roller ____, tech’s tool repository
1. Carburetor venturis, informally
2. Alignment-machine beam, perhaps
3. Bolt’s partners
4. Piston-ring specification (3,3)
5. Tire-maintenance procedure
6. Adjusted toe-in
7. Flexible coolant conduits
12. DIY auto-paint containers
14. Front-passenger seat, slangily
16. Snowbelt HVAC setting
17. Unwanted car-stereo sound
18. Tire-structure bands
20. Autoworkers’ organization
21. Spindle synonym, ____ axle

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