Online Dorman Training Center Now Live -

Online Dorman Training Center Now Live

Dorman recently unveil an entirely new online training experience, with only a slightly new name: Dorman Training Center.

Dorman recently unveil an entirely new online training experience, with only a slightly new name: Dorman Training Center.

This newly redesigned platform builds upon the previously named Dorman University by adding new in-depth training courses to help technicians better understand rapidly evolving automotive technology. It brings Dorman’s in-person training events online for learning on your own time and at your own pace.

For a limited promotional period, Dorman has three courses available for free. Over time, Dorman plans to add more premium content, covering a wide range of useful technical topics.

Dorman views this new offering as an extension of its mission to give technicians greater freedom to fix today’s vehicles, both through new products and improved professional education.

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