Orange Barrels Highlight Importance Of Automotive Parts -

Orange Barrels Highlight Importance Of Automotive Parts

Increased traffic on the road can lead to increased traffic in your shop. Are your customers ready to road trip?

Summer is prime time to pit travelers itching to get out of the house against road crews who now have the weather window to repair the damage from a harsh winter. What keeps them apart?

The orange barrels on the highway are a graphic indicator of the surfaces causing damage to vehicle suspension and engine components. Work zones are popping up all over the country again, bringing traffic jams, torn-up pavement and unfamiliar detours. The combination of under-maintained vehicles and less-than-ideal roadways is a recipe for breakdowns, leading to potential sales for parts and service providers nationwide.

In this article from Counterman Magazine, Thomas Dayton explains how construction zones can stress cars and trucks in ways drivers may not expect. Read about the opportunities HERE.

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