Overhaulin' Technician Cherie Westrich Visits Automotive Students -

Overhaulin’ Technician Cherie Westrich Visits Automotive Students

Cherie Westrich, a technician on the TV show Overhaulin’, recently visited the automotive classes at Ottumwa High School in Ottumwa, Iowa.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 8.24.11 AMCherie Westrich, a technician on the TV show Overhaulin’, recently visited the automotive classes at Ottumwa High School in Ottumwa, Iowa.

From Neal Querio’s article in the Ottumwa Courier website:

Having a woman mechanic working by your side might feel strange to you. For Cherie Westrich, it is just another day at the garage.

“Honestly, I am used to working with men, so it is not strange for me at all,” said Westrich. “I usually tell people to ask the guys how they feel because it is weirder for them.”

Westrich is one of the team mechanics from the show “Overhaulin’” and visited the automotive classes at Ottumwa High School to talk about her experience in the industry on Wednesday morning.

“Overhaulin’” is reality show featuring a team of mechanics and designers focused on making over run-down vehicles into custom-made styles. Westrich is a member of the show’s A-Team where she works alongside top mechanic Chip Foose.

“I have got to work with some of the top car builders in the world,” said Westrich. “Everyone you meet can teach you something.”

Click HERE to read the entire article about Cherie Westrich visiting Ottumwa High School on the Ottumwa Courier website.

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