Permatex 500° High Heat Epoxy

Permatex 500° High Heat Epoxy

Designed to seal against common automotive fluids, Permatex 500° High Heat works on a wide variety of applications.

Permatex now offers a new performance epoxy that is an ideal solution for underhood repairs that need to withstand extremely hot temperatures. Named a Best New Technology product at the 2021 AAPEX Show, Permatex 500° High Heat is specially formulated to withstand temperatures up to a scorching 500° F (250° C), providing two times the temperature capability of conventional epoxies, which typically begin to breakdown at 250° F (121° C).

Designed to bond and seal against liquids, gasses and common automotive fluids, Permatex 500° High Heat is ideal for a wide variety of applications in engine compartments, engine block and exhaust components, where temperatures can easily exceed 400° F (204° C). The innovative epoxy has a holding strength of 2,500 PSI. It sets in just 10 minutes and has a two-hour cure time.

Permatex R&D Director Antoine Phillips developed the 500° High Heat Epoxy formulation and noted the challenges his team had to overcome in creating an epoxy which exceeded industry standards. “Developing this specialized epoxy required the use of unconventional materials and processes to produce a formulation that was not feasible with traditional stick and putty epoxies. Our solution was the use of a multi-functional chemistry to deliver a dense, high strength, highly crosslinked temperature resistant adhesive that could perform effectively at extremely high temperatures,” added Phillips.

Permatex’s award-winning 500° High Heat is available in a syringe, which allows for easy and pinpoint application. The epoxy bonds metals, hard plastics, ceramics, glass, rubbers and more. In addition to automotive applications, Permatex 500° High Heat can also be used in high temp home and garage projects and general-purpose repairs. In some cases, it can be used in place of welding or brazing.

“We have heard from countless customers about their satisfaction with Permatex 500° High Heat epoxy,” notes Eric Seibold, Permatex sr. product and innovations manager. “Our goal at Permatex is to provide our users with innovative solutions to everyday problems, and this easy-to-use epoxy is the definition of innovative.”

Permatex’s 500° High Heat epoxy is part of an innovative line of epoxies designed to improve repairs in a wide range of automotive, marine, and general-purpose home applications. The line also includes 1 Minute and 5 Minute General Purpose Gel Epoxy, 2 Ton Epoxy, Marine H2 Hold Epoxy, Cellulose Wood Epoxy, Black Plastic Welder and Steel Weld Epoxy.

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