Peuggeot Quartz Concept 'Rocks' the SUV Crossover Market -

Peuggeot Quartz Concept ‘Rocks’ the SUV Crossover Market

The Peugeot Quartz’s engine/motor combinations combined with undercar responsiveness and vehicle intuitiveness, will ensure ­unparalleled enjoyment from behind the wheel.

TTWeb1 Peugeot-Quartz_Concept_2014The strong, powerful, sporty and rock-solid style of the Peugeot Quartz, unveiled recently at the Paris Motor Show, is clear from the outset.

Its shapely design combines the body of an SUV with the cabin of a sedan.

The upper section of the cabin gives the impression of a single block in which the various functions have been carved.

The metallic arches encase and attach the polycarbonate windows to the body, enhanced by a sculpted body form that captures the light.

They also add to the vehicle’s silhouette by lending a mineral look to the overall finish.

As it flows towards the rear wings, the glass roof molds into two spoilers that further enhance the aerodynamic design.

These are aligned with the separator between the two Quartz ­finishes: mineral grey at the front — inspired by rock crystal — and matte black for the rear wings, offset by occasional splashes of red.

TTWeb2 Peugeot quartz_

According to its designers, the Quartz concept’s sculpted styling requires an outstanding engine. Developing a total of 500 hp, the full-hybrid plug-in drivetrain comprises a combustion engine and two electric motors.

Under the hood is a 1.6L THP 270 power plant developed by Peugeot Sport. Mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, the four-cylinder engine delivers torque of 330 Nm, with a specific output of nearly 170 hp per liter, making it one of the world’s top performers.

The front axle is also driven by an 85 kW electric motor with direct drive. This charges the 400 V battery during deceleration phases and assists the combustion engine with gear changes.

The rear axle also features an 85 kW electric motor for propulsion and battery charging.

TTWeb3 Peugeot quartz

A specific ESP handles braking distribution between the four wheels to ensure both vehicle stability and optimize battery charging.

Rocking the Road
The Quartz utilizes three driving modes to deliver an outstanding drive:

• ZEV, which can cover up to 30 miles on a single ­battery charge using the plug-in battery;

• Road mode, where the­ ­combustion engine and front electric motor work together to enhance driving pleasure and maximize battery charging during deceleration; and,

• Race mode, which harnesses the power of the engine and both electric motors to get the most out of the chassis and running gear equipped with limited-slip differentials. This makes it possible to divide torque between the wheels based on the individual grip of each.

To use the system to its full ­potential, the Quartz front axle employs bespoke MacPherson struts, with a multi-arm arrangement on the rear, including on-board electric motor.

The pneumatic suspension automatically adjusts ground ­clearance of the vehicle on the road.

This function, controlled by an ­optical ­system that literally reads the road, uses cameras linked to a ­navigation system to anticipate changes in the road surface.

With the Quartz concept, Peugeot engineers have blended the ­heightened expression of a next-­generation SUV with the punch of its more high-performance models.

The Quartz’s engine/motor combinations, undercar responsiveness and vehicle intuitiveness, will ensure ­unparalleled enjoyment from behind the wheel.

Source: Peugeot

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