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Pop Quiz: Head Gaskets

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the following sentences. Instructors can use this as an in-class assignment or homework.


1. Sealing problems are inherent in ________ engines because aluminum cylinder heads expand faster than cast-iron cylinder blocks during the warm-up cycle.
    A. bi-lateral         B. bi-metallic
    C. tri-combustion        D. two-ply


2. The difference in expansion rates between aluminum and cast iron creates a ________ effect that eventually wears out the stainless steel “fire ring” that keeps combustion gases from entering the cooling system.
    A. washing           B. lubricating  
    C. scrubbing         D. expansion

3. The early stages of cylinder head gasket failure are often very difficult to detect because cylinder head gasket leakage can be very _____________  and load-sensitive.
    A. temperature-        B. drastic-
    C. bearing-         D. humid-

4. Coolant leakage into a combustion chamber eventually progresses to the point that it begins to foul the spark plug and causes a cylinder ___________.
    A. stroke        B. burnout
    C. crack         D. misfire


5. After removing the cylinder head, the technician should always visually inspect for _________, cracking and valve leakage.
    A. warping        B. bubbles
    C. branding         D. sparkles

6. The amount of stock that can be removed during cylinder head resurfacing largely depends upon the amount of warping present in the cylinder head, the stock available for removal and the ______________ recommendations concerning resurfacing.
    A. instructor’s        B. driver’s
    C. manufacturer’s     D. installer’s

7. To make up for gasket surface machining, some aftermarket gasket manufacturers may supply steel gasket shims or __________ head gaskets that compensate for stock removal.
    A. thinner        B. thicker
    C. plastic         D. self-rising


8. Because over-torquing can ruin modern intake manifolds, follow correct _______ torque sequencing and values when assembling the manifold, plenum and related parts.
    A. shim            B. bolt
    C.  flange        D. nut

9. Keep in mind that most modern cylinder head gaskets should be installed __________, without additional sealants.
    A. upside-down     B. lubricated
    C. greased            D. dry


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Solution to the February Pop Quiz: Head Gaskets

The following are the answers to the Pop Quiz: Head Gaskets test on page 32 of the February issue.


Instructors can use this as an in-class assignment or homework.


1. B. bi-metallic


2. C.  scrubbing     


3. A. temperature     


4. D. misfire     


5. A. warping     


6. C. manufacturer’s     


7. B. thicker            


8.  B. bolt              


9.  D. dry



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