Career Corner: The Power Of A Thank You Note -

Career Corner: The Power Of A Thank You Note

Ah yes, the skill of hand-written thank you notes. A ritual from the past that continues to be a very important part of the interview process. You don’t have to write a thank you note, but you would be very wise to do so. It shows gratitude, appreciation and professionalism (let alone the punctuality of following up), and it may even give you an advantage over other job candidates.

Advantages of hand-written thank you notes include:

• Hand-written notes are more likely to be opened.

• It shows good manners — a digital thank you in an email isn’t the same.

• It makes a lasting impression.

• It can reflect positively on you, the candidate.

When should you write the note?

The day of the interview or the following day. Any later than that and you may have missed your opportunity for a lasting impression. Make sure you pick up the interviewer’s business card to have the correct spelling of their name and mailing address.

What are the basic contents of a thank you note?

• Thank the interviewer for the time they spent with you.

• Reiterate your strongest traits and why you would be a perfect fit for the job in a sentence or two.

• Mention that you look forward to hearing from them soon.

• If you forgot to mention something during the actual interview, toward the end of the note you have the chance to do so. Or, you can use this space to clarify something that may not have come out right the first time.

Before you drop it in the mail:

Note that the interviewer will be looking at your written communication skills. Make sure to double check grammar and spelling.

Where to purchase thank you notes?

Any major retailer, convenience store or grocery. You can pick up a single card or a pack of 10 or more to have on hand for a few dollars. Plus, you can pick up stamps from the cashier.

Business publications that foster the next generation of leaders such as Monster, Forbes and Entrepreneur all encourage writing thank you notes. In fact, thank you notes don’t always have to follow a job interview — they can be given after a colleague or instructor inspires you, after a manager gives you an opportunity or after someone on your team goes above and beyond.

Who will you write your thank you note to today?

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