PPG Foundation Invests In Student Futures -

PPG Foundation Invests In Student Futures

The PPG Foundation has invested more than $63,000 in eight organizations in 2017 on behalf of PPG’s automotive refinish business.

PPG announced that the PPG Foundation invested more than $63,000 in eight organizations in 2017 on behalf of PPG’s automotive refinish business.

The grant recipients and funding purposes were:

  • American Association of University Women – $19,550 in scholarships for middle school girls to become involved in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through a week-long, hands-on summer camp.
  • Flying Horse Farms – $12,000 for the recruitment of volunteers and a free camp experience for children with serious illnesses and their families.
  • Franklin University – $5,000 for the University Excellence Fund, which provides students with scholarships and academic success services.
  • Collision Repair Education Foundation (I-CAR) – $20,000 in scholarships for students studying how to properly repair collision-damaged vehicles.
  • Rosedale Technical College – $1,000 to the collision repair lab for hands-on training programs.
  • Thaddeus Stevens Foundation – $1,000 to support training of post-secondary students in the Collision Repair Technology program.
  • The Ohio State Formula Buckeyes – $3,000 for a student project to construct and test an open-wheel race car.
  • United Way of Delaware County – $2,000 to the Strengthening Families Initiative, which enhances the lives of Delaware County residents through comprehensive programming from, and collaborations with, more than 30 local social service agencies, government agencies and non-traditional partners.

“PPG and the PPG Foundation are proud to support organizations that support youth education and help improve the sustainability of communities where PPG operates,” said John Parran, PPG director of platinum distribution programs, Automotive Refinish, North America.

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