February 2021 - Tomorrows Technician


February 2021 Crossword Puzzle

1. Ford's stormy flier first introduced in 1955
2. Gives fire to engine cylinders
3. Fred Flintstone's engine and brakes
4. The Original wheel covers
5. All the better to see you with.
6. General Motors brand that focuses on trucks and utility vehicles
7. Structure at the front or rear of a vehicle designed to give some crash protection
8. Slug in the cylinder; Aluminum or cast iron
9. First Japanese car model produced in the U.S.
10. Spaceysounding road racing organization
11. Bumper stripe that indicates a rookie
12. Milwaukee motorcycle makers (6,8)
13. Chevy convertible first launched in 1953
14. Documents vehicle mileage
15. British delivery vehicle
16. Apollo astronauts' moon car (5,5)
17. Racetrack the Lady in Black
18. Before backup cameras, these were crucial
19. You'll blow the welds on your __________ manifold
20. The Batcave is its garage.
February 2021 Crossword Puzzle Brainiacs:

William March, Community College of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PSA; Thomas Boyarsky, Thomas Hutchinson High School, Fairbanks, AK; Ryan Shreffler, Columbiana County Career and Technical Center, Lisbon, OH; Omar Munoz, East Valley Institute of Technology, Mesa, AZ; Mike Alder, Advanced Training Institute, Las Vegas, NV; John Stratton, OHM BOCES, Hartford, NY; Isaac Brayer, Moore Norman Technology Center, Norman, OK; Garret Roux, Sebastian River High School, Sebastian FL; Alex Michaud, Bristol Technical Education Center, Bristol, CT; Trista Kunz, Weymouth High School, South Weymouth, MA

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