March 2021 - Tomorrows Technician


March 2021 Crossword Puzzle

1. What drivers used before backup cameras
2. Type of advanced cruise control system that maintains a preset distance or time interval from the vehicle ahead by automatically controlling the brakes and throttle.
3. Component that reduces friction and wear between two moving parts; often roller or ball.
4. Ford’s concept car to compete for sales against the Corvette.
5. Rapid, uncontrolled combustion of the airfuel mixture in the cylinder that results in a hard, rattling sound known as knocking or pinging.
6. Kentucky home of giant sinkhole containing wrecked Corvettes (6,5)
7. A problem that comes and goes with no obvious pattern
8. Janet; the first woman to race NASCAR and Indy 500
9. Process of adding small amounts of weight to a wheel to offset any imbalance present in the tire and wheel assembly.
10. Volkswagen model, first car to beat the Model T’s production number.
11. Calibrated rod used to measure the level of a fluid.
12. The measurement of the engine's ability to produce work.
13. ________ slip (differential) A system of gears that allows the outside driven wheel to rotate faster than the inside driven wheel when turning a corner.
14. Vehicle tendency to drift from side to side, requiring constant steering corrections by the driver.
15. Advanced Glass Mat is new technology in this power supply
16. Science of reducing temperature of metal parts using liquid nitrogen.
17. Device for slowing or stopping a vehicle.
18. Inflatable passenger restraint component
19. Candy O, Shake It Up and Drive were hits by this Boston band.
20. New York road racing site (7, 4)

March 2021 Crossword Puzzle Brainiacs:

Mike Alder, Advanced Training Institute, Las Vegas, NV; Corbin Kaehler, Desert Ridge, Mesa, AZ; Steve Hopper, Wayne Hills High School, Wayne, NJ; Roy McDowell, Golden Isles Career Academy, Brunswick, GA; Jack Brown, East Valley Institute of Technology, Mesa, AZ; Enoch Busbin, Okeechobee High School, Okeechobee, FL; Patrick Ventry, Havelock High School, Havelock, NC; Mark de la Vega, Lockport High School, Lockport, IL; Robert Moore, Mooresville High School, Mooresville, NC; Jason Felton, Nashua Community College, Nashua, NH.

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